Q: What are PVC Ceilings/Wall panels and what are their advantages?

A: PVC Ceilings and Wall panels are made from a robust plastic material called Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC).

These decorative boards have a smooth surface making it completely water resistant as it does not have any pores where water can penetrate into and grow mould. The interlocking system makes it very easy to install with no mess or fuss making our PVC Ceilings and Wall panels not only stylish, durable and hygenic, but also cost effective as it takes half the time to install than the gypsum ceilings and tiles.


Q: Where can the PVC Panels be installed?

A: Our PVC Panels can be installed in just about any indoor environment especially in high humidity areas like bathrooms that are usually prone to mould.


Q: Do I need to get in a professional or can I do the installation myself?

A: As the panels are light weight it is relatively easy to install as a DIY product and with no mess or fuss as it doesn’t need any screeding.


Q: Do I need to remove my existing ceiling to fit the PVC Ceiling panels?

A: The idea is that you fasten the PVC panels to your brandering(battens) by means of screws as these won’t tear through the panels, so depending on the condition of your existing ceiling you could fix it directly onto that. However, if your existing ceilings are sagging, uneven or water damaged it would be best to remove it first.


Q: How do you cut the panels?

A: You can use a carpet knife to cut the panels or a fine toothed saw to ensure a smooth cut.


Q: What if my geyser bursts? Will it damage the ceilings?

A: No. As our panels do not absorb water it can not get damaged by water


Q: Can I fit recessed lights into these ceilings?

A: You certainly can, however using the hallogen type is not advisable as they get quite hot and our ceilings only have a heat resistance up to 60


Q: How do I clean and maintain PVC panels?

A: Usually a damp cloth should suffice however you could also use a mild detergent solution. Please refrain from using chloronated or abrasive agents.